LS128i Smart Camera


The Bueno Systems LS128i Smart Camera includes all the features of the standard LS128 but with discrete I/O in place of the RS422 channels. The result is an intelligent inspection system that interfaces as easily as a photoeye.
For direct control, the LS128i's output can be connected to a solid state relay, and the trigger input driven from a prox or photo sensor. Alternately, it can be interfaced to a PLC's input or output.
The LS128i is programmed the same as a standard LS128 Smart Camera and can take advantage of all the features available in BuenoVision.

64-pixel x 8-bit (analog), 128-pixel x 8-bit, 64-pixel x 1-bit (binary), 128-pixel x 1-bit, 255-pixel x 1-bit (sub-pixel binary), plus 2X zoom modes in 64-pixel analog and binary and 128-pixel interpolated binary.
EEPROM: 512 bytes for user programs.
RAM: 256 bytes for temporary variables.
2.5 to 35ms programmable exposure time. Image acquisition ranges from 3.5ms to 13ms, depending on mode.
Compact stack-oriented language. Requires BuenoVision development software and programming cable.
With included interface cable: One PNP-compatible input; one PNP output sourcing 20ma max.
With optional programming cable: RS232, 2400 & 9600 baud.
C-mount. Includes 16mm lens.
Power Requirements:
12-24VDC, 40ma (filtered, unregulated).


Catalog Numbers:
Smart Camera with Discrete I/O Order No. LS128i
Programming Cable Order No. LSI-PC-CABLE
Mounting Clamp Only Order No. LS-CLAMP
Mounting Clamp & Lock Order No. LS-CLAMP-L

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